Cinnamon City was nurtured from a great idea, and built on a very simple truth…all kinds of really nice things happen when you taste a fresh baked cinnamon roll.
There is an unmistakable aroma that proves just how warm and fresh, fresh baked really is. This aroma inspired the innovation and creativity to create a franchise concept that takes the classic cinnamon roll to a whole new place. Our fresh baked taste treats are served up in a theatre designed to enhance our customer’s taste experience. Cinnamon
City is a stage to highlight images, baking equipment, ovens, prep areas and accessories that reinforce our classic personality and demonstrate the care and quality that goes into our fresh baking

The colours are warm and inviting, the design and café style seating encourage a slower pace. Cinnamon City offers a haven and a respite from the pace, the rush and the bustle of the surrounding environment, a place to enjoy with family and friends.

The environment, the packaging and the accessories are all carefully designed or selected to serve as an affirmation of the quality and the freshness that we stand for. Cinnamon City has created a fully integrated concept that offers a unique and contemporary approach to the presentation of the Classic Cinnamon Roll as well as wide variety of food selection that includes breakfast, soups, salads,
sandwiches, pasta and main course dishes supported by great taste of coffee. The central idea is sharply focused to build brand identity and category dominance, while offering customers a broader, more varied menu choice. Cinnamon City’s unique approach to
the concept builds traffic, sustains consumer interest, adds variety and flexibility and offers product and taste choices for a wide target group at varied times of the day. .
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